(Im)perfect futures- A possible tomorrow for the silent ones

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StranaIdea (IT)
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Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

(Im)perfect futures is an experimental path that consists in facilitating innovation processes’ generation among youth and communities generation, trough methodologies future oriented, referring to Learning Community Canvas. 

The ideal outcome would be the creation of a youth-run organization, placed in Open Incet contest. 


The project aims to support young people who have no voice to foresee and aspire to a brilliant future in which inequalities are less and less visible, and each and one of us aspirations and wishes can become true and tangible. 


The project is structured in 6 macro-phases: 

  1. Participants engagement; 

  1. Workshops delivery; 

  1. Manifesto creation; 

  1. Capacity building path creation and delivery; 

  1. Youth-run organization creation; 

  1. Closing event