FGB role in the Conference on the Future of Europe

As a partner of GEDI Digital, FGB is developing information content on the European Parliament's innovative project Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE).

For the first time in the history of the European Union, citizens have been selected through a set of parameters defined by experts, with the aim of representing as faithfully as possible the composition of the citizenship of the 27 EU Member States. 

The Conference is divided into four thematic panels, and a team of journalists are monitoring the discussions of the four panels and the numerous in-depth events that associations, universities and NGOs are developing in connection with CoFoE, disseminating the content on the Italian newspaper Repubblica website

Panel 1 addresses a stronger economy, social justice and employment, education, culture, youth, sport, and digital transformation. Panel 2 is focused on European democracy, values and rights; rule of law and security. Panel 3 deals with climate change, environment and health. Panel 4 with the EU in the world and migration. 

At the close of work of the four panels, set for April 2022, the proposals voted by a majority of citizens will be presented to the plenary of the European Parliament to be discussed with MEPs and implemented in EU policies.