The future skill needs in Armenia's construction sector

A new report on the future skills needs in the construction sector in Armenia has been published by the European Training Foundation (ETF).

Drafted by Fondazione Brodolini in collaboration with Erre Quadro, the study provides qualitative information on occupations, identifying skills that construction workers will need to acquire, based on developments in architectural trends and technological innovation.

In Armenia, the construction sector has grown to become one of the most important to the country's economy, even withstanding the negative impact Covid-19 had on the industry. The report identifies key drivers of change and aims to stimulate a dialogue between policymakers and companies to properly update the training provided.

Conducted by a group of international researchers between March and December 2022, the study is based on data acquired through traditional research methods, such as desk research, data analysis, stakeholder interviews, combined with innovative techniques, such as text mining and big data analytics.

The results, obtained by correlating the new technologies identified with occupations in the ESCO (European classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) database, show that the new skills required will affect several industry profiles. Besides, they highlight the rising of new occupations due to technological innovation, as in the case of 3D printing experts or the increasing relevance of energy efficiency in design processes, which instead requires specialized engineers.

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