Immersive storytelling and metaverse, two scholarships in Milan

The Milano Luiss Hub for Makers and Students managed by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, in concert with Multiverse Institute for Arts and Technology (MIAT), offers two scholarships to cover the costs to participate in the Masterclass in Immersive Storytelling & Metaverse, organized by MIAT.

An hands-on training course for immersive content production which is growing extensively at global level, producing high-value immersive contents. By combining live action, CGI and game-engines, immersive productions allow creatives to tell new stories using new worlds and languages. 

The Masterclass, including 60 hours full time on site plus coaching sessions with international award-winning multi-disciplinary immersive creators for your project work, is designed to understand how emerging technologies and the metaverse are the next frontier for art-tech expression and how to up-skill your knowledge and capabilities to work at global level, in order to answer the call of immersive technologies and meet the demand of this fast-growing market.

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