Our engagement in understanding labour market imbalances

Between October and December 2023, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini contributed to a strategic foresight activity conducted by the European Labour Authority (ELA), focusing on the impact of labour market imbalances in the European employment services (EURES) by 2030.

FGB's contribution included the development of a series of key documents aimed to understand which factors are most influencing labour demand and supply – a set of so-called "driver files".

During an initial workshop held in Bratislava in October 2023, ELA's stakeholders identified eight most critical and uncertain drivers, namely: 

  1. digitalisation in the economy and labour market; 
  2. technology as a facilitator for EURES services;
  3. short-term and cyclical economic developments;
  4. greening and climate change;
  5. workers’ employment preferences and perceptions;
  6. working conditions and job quality;
  7. education and training gaps;
  8. housing market and policies.

The driver files provided a thorough understanding of the impact of these eight factors on labour supply and demand, and also made it possible to foresee potential future labour mismatches.

Fondazione Brodolini prepared a documentation on each of the influential drivers, offering detailed insights including definition, developments, and potential trajectories by 2030.

During the second workshop which also took place in Bratislava in December 2023, ELA stakeholders' discussed the driver files and, starting from their insights, worked on preliminary outlines of future scenarios.

The research work was coordinated for FGB by Liga Baltina, who also represented Fondazione Brodolini in both stakeholders' workshops.

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