PES Network stakeholder conference 2023 synthesis paper

The synthesis paper on the 2023 Public Employment Services Network (PES) stakeholder conference is now available.  

"We need collaborative action and innovative approaches in order to tackle future challenges related to skills in the EU labour market", the PES Network states in its just released conference proceedings drafted by FGB. 

Among the outcomes of the conference as synthesised in the new paper, skills' assessment emerged, in particular, as a key component to address the skills' gap: to harness the untapped potential of Europe's workforce, innovative approaches are needed to recognise as well as to validate skills, including non-formal and informal learning outcomes, particularly to facilitate access to the labour market to refugees and immigrants.

The conference also looked at how to solve the significant unmet skills' demand in the EU, revealing the potential for employing a high proportion of long-term unemployed and inactive individuals, appropriate support and guidance being provided.

In order to ensure effective skills' development, stakeholders also stressed the need for a broader collaboration involving employers, unions, public institutions, training providers, social partners and NGOs. PES have a pivotal role to play in leading and coordinating these partnerships. With PES at the forefront, only through deepened and broadened partnerships can the workforce be empowered, and the skills' gap effectively bridged.

The 2023 PES stakeholder conference was organised by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini on behalf of the PES Network and the European Commission, and took place in Brussels on March 30th, 2023, within the framework of 2023 as the European year of skills. 

Read the synthesis paper