PES urged to keep ahead of rapidly changing labour markets

The 2022 PES Network Stakeholder Conference on labour and skills shortages in Europe highlighted the urgent need for Public Employment Services (PES) and their partners to jointly anticipate evolving labour and skills needs in order to meet the needs of jobseekers and employers.

The event, organised by Fondazione Brodolini, brought together around 400 participants from over 30 countries during two days, 7-8 April, to discuss how to address labour and skills shortages and prepare for the future European labour market.

"In order to address labour market challenges, we need coordinated actions with concrete outcomes: from the Commission, the Member States, Public Employment Services, education and training providers, all the labour market actors" highlighted Jordi Curell, Director for Labour Mobility and International Affairs, European Commission. "We also need to ensure that European citizens can effectively enjoy their rights - such as the free movement of workers and the principle of fair mobility".

A new four-minute video gives a voice to Public Employment Services (PES), employers, workers and a thematic expert on issues related to labour and skills shortages in Europe. It includes reflections on how PES and their partners can continue to better match supply and demand of labour in Europe’s evolving labour market.

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