Turin boosts its cultural offerings with EU recovery funds

September 30th 2023 marked the successful conclusion of the accompaniment and project development service for supporting the urban economy in the cultural sector of the city of Turin, which was carried out by Fondazione Brodolini as part of the funding for post-pandemic recovery allocated by the European Union (PON Metro 2014-2020 React-EU).

Having been selected by the Municipality as accompanying party for the winning projects of the call for proposals expired in May 2022, FGB followed the selected projects through all stages, from application to reporting, providing support at the local level and dealing with the organisation, communication and dissemination of cultural events.

With a total amount of 1 million 564 thousand euros, seventeen projects throughout the city were funded, and support was ensured to 96 local activities. 

As illustrated by Sara Carrabba, who supports the management of Open Incet social innovation center in Turin for FGB, "the neighborhoods and suburbs of Turin were presented as a vibrant cultural space, with the long-term goal of establishing a strong territorial brand capable of gaining greater recognition and visibility beyond the local context, and also to improve collaboration among stakeholders and facilitate the creation of partnerships between the private and public sector".

With this purpose, a dedicated communication platform was launched: by displaying an updated calendar and a detailed description of each event, the richness of the city's cultural offerings was highlighted, while the creation of a cultural community capable of producing an integrated cultural offering was also encouraged.

Moreover, Carabba adds, "the events held within the region stimulated the interaction among various projects and operators, providing the local creative scene with an additional tool for audience engagement, development and expansion, as well as for fundraising, through crowdfunding".

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