Assistance service for corporate crisis management

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Srl SB

The project Technical Assistance Service for Corporate Crisis Management Activities revolves around the provision of highly-professional, labour-law and economical-financial technical support to the Education, Training and Labour Directorate of the Lombardy Region, in order to implement and support actions aimed at coping with company crisis situations, also through the activation of measures in favour of the workforce at risk of redundancy and accompanying interventions to the companies involved. 

The main objectives of the project consist in counteracting, monitoring and preventing situations of corporate crisis, – limiting their impact on the territory and on employment levels, also promoting the development of corporate social responsibility; supporting and enhancing the reconversion of production and the innovation of the organisational and management process, through the promotion of specific interventions for the requalification, enhancement, and continuous updating of human capital.

Within the project, Fondazione Brodolini provides labour-law assistance in corporate crises situations, as well as indications on the requalification, enhancement, and continuous updating of human capital. Moreover, FGB is in charge of monitoring and preventing corporate and sector crises, recovering the entrepreneurial activity, safeguarding employment, production and employment reconversion, and reintegrating workers into the labour market, through a special operational unit for the management of corporate and sector crises.

Project outputs:

Regional internal documents (opinions on disputes, support on interpretation of laws and on notices, analysis, etc.).