Digital Workshops

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

“Digital Workshops” is a project implemented thanks to a Grant from Municipio 8 (Milano) and it targets different stakeholders – this is why the formats the project adopts are different too.  


The initiatl project consists in playful and interactive activites related to coding and 3d printing, targeting children aged 10-11 years old. 


All the new formats the project adopts come from different needs and willingness to allow more and more people to discover technology world.


The objectives the project aims to reach are different. Firstly, the activities are open to different targets usually not extremely interested in technology. Secondly, the project aims to transmit soft & hard skills to these targets and lastly, urban regeneration and strengthening connections between FGB and the neighbourhood are also goals the project hope to achieve. 

“Digital workshops” is structured in different activities, includng “Open days” (open meetings for youth on digital topics), school events, workshops, events spread on the territory, and specific project based on territory’s needs.  

Since 2018, more than 20 events have been realized, more than 10 robots have been produced, more than 100 objects have been printed and more than 100 children have been involved in the project. 

Fabriq created several networks and connections, with people and targets interested in tech world.