Fighting poverty and social exclusion, the situation in the EU

FGB has been mandated by the European Parliament to explore the solutions for mitigating the risk of poverty and social exclusion in the EU

The aim of the ongoing study Fighting poverty and social exclusion (including through minimum income schemes) is to provide the Members of the European Parliament – European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) with an analysis of the situation in the EU as regards poverty and social exclusion and to explore the solutions currently debated for mitigating the risk of existing and increasing poverty and social exclusion, in particular through adequate standards of minimum income.

The study is based on a sound literature review from various sources and information and input gathered from relevant stakeholders, including EU-level umbrella organizations and the EU-level Social Partners. 

The study addresses in particular:

  • The current situation - examination of the data on poverty and social exclusion (both longer-term trends and what has changed since the pandemic). Has the pandemic created new forms of poverty and social exclusion and/or amplified existing ones? Which groups are the hardest hit?
  • State of debate on how to define poverty and social exclusion
  • State of the debate on policy response
  • Analysis of EU level response to the pandemic in terms of fighting poverty and social exclusion
  • A European Minimum Income Framework: what can we learn from previous experience at Member State level through the drafting of 5 case studies
  • Conclusions and policy recommendations

The study is going to be finished in July 2021.