FRAMEWORK CONTRACT N° F-SE-13-T12-C17-L11 Data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues – FRANET Italy-Lot 11

2014 to 2018

List of Service Requests commissioned by FRA in this framework:

  • SR 16: National intelligence authorities and surveillance in the EU: Fundamental rights safeguards and remedies
  • SR 17: Short thematic report. Migration detention of children
  • SR 18: Monthly data collection on the current migration situation in the EU
  • SR 19: Mapping minimum age requirements in respect to the rights of the child in the EU
  • SR 23: Social fieldwork on the right to independent living for persons with disabilities
  • SR 24: Rights of crime victims to have access to justice – a comparative analysis
  • SR 27: Short Thematic Report Contribution to FRA Fundamental Rights 2017 & Information Request on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • SR 28: Information Request on: Protecting media professionals and incitement to hatred
  • SR 32: PROJECT: Severe labour exploitation – foreign workers’ perspectives (SELEX II)
  • SR 35: Short Thematic Report. Living in another Member State: barriers to EU citizens' full enjoyment of their rights
  • SR 36: Information request. Standing and operational space of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in contributing to respecting and promoting fundamental rights in EU Member States
  • SR 40: Information request on Roma and Travellers
  • Sr 41: Anti-Muslim and anti-migrant hatred database. Short Thematic Report
  • SR 42: Short Thematic Report Contribution to FRA Fundamental Rights 2018 & Information Request on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • SR 43: Information Request on: Misogyny, gender stereotyping and hate speech against women
  • SR 45: PROJECT: Responding to a fundamental rights emergency – the long-term impact of responses to the 2015 asylum/migration crisis
  • SR 48: PROJECT: Fundamental Rights Survey: Focus Groups. Focus group discussions concerning the subjects covered by FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey
  • SR 51: Social fieldwork research. FRANET GUIDELINES for interviews with people in need of international protection
  • SR 53: Information request on "Charterpedia"
  • SR 54: Information request on academic institutions
  • SR 60: PROJECT: Criminal Detention in the EU – Conditions and Monitoring
  • SR 61: Information Request: Business and human rights – access to justice
  •  SR 62: Short Thematic Report Contribution to FRA Fundamental Rights Report 2019 & Information Request on EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The aim of the framework contract is to carry out research, interviews, focus groups on fundamental rights on behalf of the Agency. The specific issues are determined from time to time by the Agency and may cover all the fundamental rights protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Nice Charter).

Within the framework contract, various activities have been carried out. For some service requests, a desk-research has been carried out, i.e. a collection of data at normative and policy level on the specific topic requested. For others, field work was carried out with semi-structured individual interviews with relevant stakeholders and focus groups. 

FGB is the national contractor of the FRANET network, a multidisciplinary network of experts working with the Agency. The role of FGB is, therefore, to provide the Agency with information regarding the Italian context. On the basis of the information collected by each partner of the FRANET network, the Agency draws up comparative reports covering the whole EU or the group of Member States covered from time to time.