Investigating the impact of automation in the automotive and garment sectors

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Lead Partner
The Textile Industry Research Association – AITEX (Spain)

The aim of this project is to carry out case studies investigating the socio-economic impact of automation in the automotive and garment/apparel sectors in three European countries (Germany, Romania and Spain), focusing on labour process, job quality and gender differences within the workplace.

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini will examine the impact of automation technologies by conducting qualitative, in-depth, semi-structured interviews with managers, technologists, workers and workers´ representatives.

FGB is responsible for automotive sector and will conduct two case studies in each country, each one on a different establishment, and  will carry out at least nine interviews in each establishment.

FGBs research team is composed of Līga Baltiņa, Costanza Pagnini, Margherita Russo, Annamaria Simonazzi, Silvia Sansonetti, Terence Hogarth and a team of national researchers.