MOSPI - - Modernizing Social Protection Systems in Italy

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
MEF DT - Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze - Dipartimento del tesoro
2019 to 2021

The MOSPI project aims at supporting the modernisation of the social protection system in Italy allowing it to respond to the challenges of the changing world of work, and of the population aging.

In particular, the project is to improve and update the existing AD-SILC database and the dynamic microsimulation model T-DYMM, developed though the previous INDIW and IESS projects in a view to:

Study trends and challenges brough about by digitalization to the labour market, especially for self-employed and non-standard workers;

Assess the relevance of the risk of inadequacy of public pension benefits;

Evaluate pros and cons of the current design of private pension pillars.

The key outputs of the project include a Report on ‘future of work’ scenarios, an Analysis report illustrating the results of the simulations, and a Policy Recommendation Report.

FGB is partner in the action, tasked of contributing to all research activities through its team of experts.