Promoting lifelong learning of adults through CVET systems

Burgundy University (France)
CEREQ – Centre d’Etudes et Recherche sur les Qualifications (France)
INAPP - Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche (Italy)
Lead Partner: 
2021 to 2023

Name of the service: Promoting lifelong learning of adults through CVET systems and upskilling pathways Lot 2: Thematic country reviews (TCRs) on upskilling pathways for low skilled adults AO/DLE/LSALVA-RCDCR/CVETsystems&UpskillingPathways/005/20

The main objective of the service is to carry out two thematic country reviews in Italy and France of upskilling pathways to identify their specific strengths and challenges and present a set of policy recommendations for ensuring systematic, coordinated and coherent approaches to lifelong skill development, upskilling and reskilling of low-skilled adults and to support the process of reforms in both countries. In close collaboration with Cedefop and national stakeholders, the study will gradually expand the knowledge on coherent and coordinated approaches to upskilling pathways for low-skilled adults in Europe, and will enrich it with detailed insights into factors which either facilitate or slow down the implementation of such initiatives in different national contexts.

FGB is leading the consortium and its team of international experts will provide expert opinions on the key topics containing in the analytical framework (namely the various factors which are likely to influence the policy) throughout the course of the study.The both national teams will provide in-depth knowledge of the VET systems in their respective countries.