RESONATE (REgional SOcial business iNcubATor nEtwork)

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Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Lead Partner
Social Business Cub Styria

The RESONATE project involves the connection of several social incubators from Austria, Spain and Italy, in order to allow the exchange of good practices concerning training, mentoring and coaching activities for social innovators in their respective areas (Graz, Milan, Barcelona).

The objectives that the project aims to achieve are different: adopting a short-term perspective, RESONATE aims to initiate processes of contamination of practices, ideas and methodologies among the incubators involved; in the long term, instead, the main aim is the construction and consolidation of strategic partnerships between the actors involved, in order to strengthen existing links and encourage the continuous exchange of practices, programs and inputs on social entrepreneurship issues.

RESONATE is articulated in a series of events (workshops and training), within which to allow the exchange of good practices between the actors involved and to train the staff of the bodies involved in coaching, mentoring and training of third parties within the world of social entrepreneurship.

The targets of these events are, on the one hand, the promoters and project partners; on the other hand, potential interested in everything that revolves around social businesses.