SuperYOUTH project: training youth to debunk disinformation

Lead Partner
Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO (Italy)

Partners: HELIXCONNECT (Romania), Digital Communication Network Global (DCN) (Greece), Citizens in Power (CIP) (Cyprus), Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB) (Italy), YET (Greece) and DPOCC (Italy).


The superYOUTH project is an Erasmus+ funded project born with the aim to develop a transnational youth worker training program on better training youth to debunk Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation (DMM).

Under the leadership of Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO (Italy), a highly experienced consortium brings together seven partners, among which Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Srl SB, with different areas of expertise with a common objective: to fight the effects of Disinformation, Misinformation and Malformation on Youth.

This objective will be reached through a training for the youth trainers and an open access platform for young people where they can report fake news and ask for advice. 

The project will engage youth between the ages of 18 and 30 and youth workers for training on disinformation and misinformation.

It is foreseen that more than 300 youth and youth workers will benefit of SuperYOUTH results. The platform should involve at least 600 people and 200 youth will be involved in the events that will be organized in 2023 in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Romania.

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