Technical assistance to the Campania Region

Lead Partner

Partner: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

The project Technical assistance to the Campania Region "Service Line 2 - PR ESF+ 2021-2027" consists in the provision of specialised technical support for the planning, coordination, surveillance, implementation, management, monitoring, and certification of the ESF+ 21-27 PR programme in the Campania Region, on the lines of activity indicated by the client.

The activities developed by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini are aimed to the Directorates-General for Education, Training and Employment, with particular attention to the definition of implementation tools and on the monitoring of active labour policies and those for higher education and training, as well as of social and health policies, and on the use and enhancement of confiscated assets. Fondazione Brodolini also supports the monitoring and evaluation of the various activities on the different service lines, in cross-mode.

Project outputs:

Internal regional documents (control checks, alert support, analysis, etc.).