Impact indicators, new study for ETF

Within the framework contract for the evaluation services for the European Training Foundation (ETF), from June to August 2024 Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini will conduct a new study for ETF, together with Ockham IPS.

The study ETF strategy outcomes indicators and strategic alignment of monitoring matrix aims to bring together the findings from previous assignments conducted for ETF by Ockham IPS and FGB, by translating their recommendations into actions for change.

Such objective will be achieved by elaborating a set of impact-oriented indicators for the revised strategic goals and related outcomes, and reviewing the existing ETF indicators (the so-called "monitoring matrix"), for coherence and alignment to the strategy intervention.

The project will be organised around three phases. After an initial reflection on the current strategic outcomes, the existing and previously proposed indicators will be mapped.

Then, in the intermediate phase, the proposed strategy outcomes indicators will be further conceptualised and formulated, and the existing ETF battery of indicators will also be reviewed.

In the third phase, impact-oriented strategy indicators will finally be developed and efforts will be made, in collaboration with ETF, to create the new ETF monitoring matrix.

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