ECSTALE (Empowering Societies Trough a Learning Environment)

Black Sea NGO Network
Civic Initiatives-Citizens Association for Democracy and Civic Education
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Vabaühenduste Liit
Lead Partner
Higher Incubator for Growht and Sustainability (HIGGS)

ECSTALE wants to connect 7 organizations coming from as many countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Serbia, Israel) with the objective to generate exchanges of good practices and experiences related to topics such as social enterpreneruship, networking and social innovation.

The project aims to reach several goals: through good-practices exchanges, the organizations can increase their know-how related to topics linked to social innovation and social enterprenuership, and as a consequence, they can faciltiate interactions among other non profit actors and they can ensure a higher efficiency to their projects. In this way, they can increase the impact brough from their interventions.

ECSTALE is composed by a serie of activities structured as training and workshops.  Participants, coming from civic society organizations, such as social businesses and coperatives, will increase their knowledge and they will improve their skills.
In addition, they will share their experiences on their roles as facilitators for third sector organizations.

FGB will coordinate one of the three workshops  that constitute the project activities.
In particular, FGB will deliver a training related to social enterprenuership and economic sustainability.