EIGE/2018/OPER/02 Institutional Mechanisms for Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Codice Progetto 736

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

The service assesses the state of the art of the institutional mechanisms to implement gender mainstreaming  in Europe.

The objective of the study is:

  • to contribute to the improvement of the monitoring/evaluation tools of institutional mechanisms for gender mainstreaming, and
  • to collect up to date information on the institutional mechanisms gender mainstreamng in EU-28, including the EU level through an on-line survey and the data collection and analysis conducted by national experts in all EU-28 Member States.

These objectives are obtained by: assessing the existing monitoring/evaluation system and the elaboration of a renewed monitoring/evaluation system throughout the application of advanced statistical methods, and the analysis and revision of the existing conceptual reference framework.

The improved monitoring/evaluation system results in a more effective and sustainable design and implementation of gender mainstreaming  strategies. It allow and foster real progress towards gender equality  in the EU and in EU-28 Member States.

FGB coordinates the whole project.