Evaluation of the 'Justice and rights' and 'Equality and citizenship' programmes

Erre Quadro
EY – Ernst and Young

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Srl SB, in cooperation with EY Italy is leading the ex-post evaluation of two Programmes managed by DG JUST: Justice and Rights Programme, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC) 2014-2020.

The aim of this contract is to provide input for an evaluative assessment on a number of aspects of the two programmes. The result of this contract supports the Commission with the necessary evidence to prepare a Staff Working Document and report to the European Parliament and the Council, presenting the findings of the evaluation process and formulate general recommendations.

In particular, the work covered by this contract includes data collection, aggregation, and analysis as well as the evaluation of a number of aspects of the two funding programmes following the requirements set out in the “Better Regulation Guidelines and toolbox”. the service foresees that drafting of two separate reports for each programme, in addition to eight case studies and a report collecting and analysis monitoring information including through the use of text mining techniques.