Framework Contract: Gender and Economic Inclusion Technical Assistance, Pillar 1

Framework Contract for the provision of Gender and Economic Inclusion Technical Assistance. Pillar 1: Skills & Employment (835)
Lead Partner
AETS (Application Européenne de Technologies et de Services)

Partner: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Through this framework consultancy for the provision of Gender and Economic Inclusion Technical Assistance, FGB will support EBRD’s Gender & Economic Inclusion Team in reducing inclusion gaps and promoting the skills and employability of young labour market entrants, older workers and women with the overall objective to promote equality of opportunities.

EBRD’s priorities on broadening access to skills, employment and sustainable livelihoods focus on three impact levels, responding to needs at market, company and individual level. At market level, the focus is on optimising regional and national labour market potentials by addressing skills mismatches and developing skills for the future. This includes strategic human capital development to enhance the institutional framework in a country at national, regional or sectoral levels, introduce more effective policy solutions and responses to shocks and longer term trends, fill skills gaps, support skills forecasting, inclusive labour market standards and practices, legislation and regional planning.

At company level, EBRD aims to support them in attracting, developing and retaining qualified talent through inclusive practices and policies, especially (but not only) in relation to green skills, digital technologies or other areas that are either labour intense or can provide high value-added employment opportunities. Activities include promotion of inclusive HR policies and practices, strategic approach to training and workforce management, responsible adoption of digital technologies, and design of inclusive products.

At individual level, EBRD’s objective is to empower individuals who face disproportionate barriers to equal opportunities to build their skills fit for the future and enhance their employability and livelihood opportunities. This entails for individuals to become and remain a competitive participant in the labour market, putting their skills towards fuelling green and digital economic growth. A particular focus is put on creating a level playing field for all, regardless of characteristics and those affected by shocks and longer-term stressors.

Overall, FGB together with the lead partner will provide different services, such as improving HR policies and practices, designing training programmes, implementing a Gender/Equal Opportunities Action plan, as well as providing capacity building and implementation support.