INDACO surveys on training activities among companies and adult population in Italy

Support for the realisation of the fourth edition of the INDACO-Enterprises survey and the third edition of the INDACO-Adults survey and realisation of the survey on educational, occupational and technological aspects in innovative production areas at national level: Italian green start-ups
Lead Partner
Teleperformance KS Italia S.p.A.

Partner: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, SWG, Fondazione Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali – CENSIS

The study is structured in two lines of research.

The first research line aims at reconstructing the spread of training activities among Italian companies, on the one hand, and among the adult population, on the other. It consists of two sample surveys, INDACO-Enterprises and INDACO-Adults, and a qualitative analysis targeting both continuing vocational training and adult learning.

Besides desk research, the qualitative analysis includes numerous field activities: interviews with key informants, case studies in 30 companies that are particularly successful in their approach to continuing vocational training, focus groups with representatives of institutions, social partners and companies, and a Delphi survey.

The second research line is purely qualitative and is designed to investigate, from the perspective of green start-ups, the impact of the introduction of the latest technological innovations on current occupational and training systems.

As a project partner, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is only involved in line 1. The Fondazione Brodolini research team will design all research tools, participate in the realisation of field activities, analyse the results from both the sample surveys and the field activities and, finally, write the reports and organise dissemination activities of the results.

Furthermore, FGB will be responsible for the entire research line. This means that FGB will have an overall view and coordinate all research activities of the line, including those to be carried out by partners.