ITI Olbia project "Sustainable Sustainable Sustainable Safe City"

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (IT)
Lead Partner
Primaidea SRL

The ITI Olbia "Città Solidale Sostenibile Sicura" project foresees support activities to the urban authority to design and implement participatory processes and local activities connected to the governance of actions of social inclusion and regeneration.

The accompanying process, triggered off to follow the evolution of the punctual actions of the Urban Authority of Olbia, is based on the fundamental concepts of communication, participation, accompaniment to the work, community development, and represents an important opportunity for the different local actors to increase their "social capital". Fundamental to guaranteeing the achievement of objectives and results oh the project is also the conscious and qualified collaboration of all public offices and stakeholders, involved in a multidisciplinary urban regeneration perspective.

The project foresees events (workshops, forums, etc.), but also focus groups, shadowing and outreach initiatives, and neighbourhood labs. All these activities aim to promote the participation and involvement of citizens and stakeholders.