OIS 2019 – “The city as platform: turning assets into shared value. Leadership, Governance, Community in the era of digital transformation”

Città di Torino
Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

The Summit, organised by FGB with the collaboration of the City of Turin will take place at Open Incet  the Open Innovation Center of the City of Turin. The event is designed to provide the opportunity to learn from and network with innovative cities, top-level experts, thought leaders, policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs/startuppers and innovation intermediaries from EU and United States.

By gathering  more than 100 selected relevant stakeholders, OIS 2019 third Edition intends to push the notion of the city as a platform to encompass its capacity, as a self-organising living system, to extract and share the value related to a wide range of assets, beyond data, that a city is made of. As the debate and the experimentation moves forward, some have started to associate the term platform to cities, again mainly referring to the possibility to go beyond the notion of a smart city by bringing to citizens the benefits of an open platform that interconnects and exchange flows of open data that inform and engage the community in the attempt to turn a territory into an asset whose value is shared by everybody living in it.