A Safe & Normal Day. Guiding educational choices

Lead Partner
Centro Studi e Documentazione Pensiero Femminile APS

Partners: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini ETS

The project A Safe & Normal Day - Work Edition was created in response to the call "Educare" (Educating) launched by the Department for Family Policies of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the aim of addressing the challenges of educational guidance in two secondary schools located in the District 7 of the city of Turin: Istituto comprensivo Marconi Antonelli and Istituto di istruzione superiore Gobetti Marchesini Casale Arduino (GMCA).

The objective is first of all to enable students and their families to make conscious educational choices, overcoming gender and identity stereotypes and promoting access to opportunities for growth and development, evaluating their social impact; secondly, the project aims to involve boys and girls at risk of dropping out of school, offering them an active role in the construction of an educating and participative community.

The project will seek to deconstruct those prejudices traditionally limiting the potential of young people through experiential workshops and open dialogue techniques, as well as by actively involving families in the educational journey of their sons and daughters.

In order to foster students' creativity and improve their social and communication skills, a multidisciplinary approach will be used, employing alternative tools to formal education. These include the production of a docu-movie that will be nominated for the Sottodiciotto Film Festival, scheduled for December 2024.

As a partner of the project, Fondazione Brodolini will be in charge of the communication activities and of targeted dissemination through territorial events in civic participation spaces and in the innovation centres it manages, located in four different Italian regions: Open Incet, the Open Innovation Centre of the city of Turin; the Milan Luiss Hub for makers and students; the Pépinières d'Entreprises, the start-up incubators and accelerators of Aosta and Pont-Saint-Martin in the Aosta Valley, and one among Regione Lazio's OpenHubs – Rieti, Latina, Cassino and Viterbo. Furthermore, FGB will assess the social impact of the project.