Skills Lab Network: skills demand analysis

Lead Partner
CoWater International

Partner: FGB Srl SB


The European Training Foundation (ETF) launched the Skills Lab Network at the end of 2020 with the aim of creating knowledge within the research community in the field of skills demand. The overall objective of the project is to advise and support the governance, management and implementation of the network.

This includes developing an effective communication strategy and facilitating and moderating the network at regional and country level through different type of activities and initiatives. 

The service is organised around four lines of intervention:

  1. Strategic advice for the development and management of the network to provide a solid and sound organisational framework.
  2. Regional animation/facilitation through the coordinated support of regional “antennae” represented by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators (one per each geographical area)  that are in the best position to reach out to stakeholders.
  3. Operational support to implement the network’s strategy by providing a mix of tools enabling knowledge sharing (i.e. events in different formats), capacity building activities for researchers and facilitating the creation of occasions for collaborating in international research projects in the field of skills anticipation and mismatch (i.e. calls for research proposals)
  4. External communication activities aimed at making knowledge more accessible and understandable to the wider public.