SocialTech for Europe: for resilient and responsible ecosystems

Lead Partner
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Srl SB

Partners: Alaturi de Voi, Coompanion, Silicon Vilstal, IDiA, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises

SocialTech4EU, a two-year project funded by the Single Market Program (SMP COSME), aims at strengthening the resilience and innovation capacity, competitiveness, and sustainability, of social economy ecosystems and start-ups and SMEs of the social economy (called "social enterprises" with a special focus on Technology social ventures.

This by providing them with support in the form of grants, vouchers and professional services, for embracing the twin transition; for scouting/developing innovative shared technological and operational solutions via cooperation with research and industrial actors from different value chains at local, national EU/global level; and generating/scaling new business models enabled by internet and Hi-Tech also via accessing an innovative source of financing more suitable for their social scope (i.e. crowd-funding, impact investing and PPP).

This will contribute to improving a) the economic resilience of the social-economic value chains in the EU, by better connecting them with other value chains; and their preparedness to cope with future market disruptions by realizing the digital transition (process and product innovation), also reinforcing their capacity to inspire systemic changes in traditional sectors.

The project is led by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Srl SB in collaboration with Torino Social Impact.

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