FAIR, for a culture of rights in Europe

In March 2024, the two-year project EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: Awareness raising and instruments to promote a culture of rights (FAIR) has been launched.

The project is coordinated by Fondazione Brodolini ETS and funded by the European Commission through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme.

FAIR's main objective is to promote a culture of rights in Europe through events, seminars and workshops on the history, role and use of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights – also known as the Nice Charter –, by involving civil society organisations, rights defenders and legal practitioners, as well as the European population at large.

The project sees the participation of eight partner organisations from eight different EU member states; these are also contact points of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), in the same way as Fondazione Brodolini has been for many years.

This very fact represents one of the added values of FAIR, as well as an important opportunity to disseminate the research work carried out on behalf of FRA.

It will be possible to follow all the activities of the project on FAIR's official website, which will be launched soon.

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