Labour shortages and surpluses in the 2023 Eures report

The 2023 EURES report on Labour shortages and surpluses, prepared by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini on behalf of the European Labour Authority (ELA), is now available online.

For the second year, ELA has entrusted Fondazione Brodolini with the task of drafting the annual report, which aims to identify labour shortages and surpluses in the 27 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

Compared to previous editions, the 2023 report includes significant innovations.

In fact, while data from EURES National Coordination Offices remains a cornerstone, this year's edition of the report includes additional quantitative and qualitative sources enriching the analysis, as well as a focus on the construction sector. 

This section sheds light on a critical aspect of the broader labour market landscape, which is currently characterised by a general tightening trend. 

The report identifies the occupations facing the most acute shortages: heavy truck drivers, nursing professionals (including specialists), doctors, electricians, roofers, waiters, and construction laborers. According to the report, these shortages are not only widespread but also severe, exerting significant pressures on industries and economies alike.

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