Women and transport, a European study is available online

The study Women and Trasnsport, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the FEMM Committee (Women's Rights and Gender Equality), has been published on the website of the Department.

Written by FGB researcher Silvia Sansonetti and the independent expert Eamonn Davern, the study summarises achievements in gender and transport in the EU and focuses on both knowledge and policies considering women as transport users and as workers in the transport sector.

It introduces the most recent concepts (technological innovation and automation, transport poverty, mobility of care, etc.) and presents recent data and promising practices.

Finally, it provides EU policy indications in the context of the European Green Deal to effectively support the enhancement of gender equality in transport.

On Tuesday 25 January, the study was presented by author Silvia Sansonetti in a Hearing of the FEMM Committee-European Parliament. At the hearing, the President of the Transport Commitee Karima Delli was also present.

After the presentation, the report was discussed by other experts: Professor Turnbull from the University of Bristol and Professor Christensen from the University of Copenhagen, and Sabine Trier, Deputy General Secretary e Head of Policies and Gender Equality della European Transport Workers' Federation. They added more specific contributions from their expertise.

The request of the research about filling in the gap in gender-data on transport was very much welcome by MEPs. The Presidents of the two Committees promised to take concrete actions in this respect.  

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