ESF 2007-2013 ex post evaluation: access to employmentand sustainable integration

Lead Partner

The purpose of the service was to carry out an evaluation study which will assess the achievements of ESF2007-2013 programmesdesigned to facilitate the access to employment and the sustainable inclusion of people into the labourmarket (covering the objectives listed in Art. 3 of the ESF Regulation 1081/2006).The evaluation is organized in order to carry out two main tasks.

Task 1 provides a general overview of the role of the ESF in active labour market policies across EU Member States.

Task 2 is about providing an in-depth assessment by focusing on a selected number of Member States.

The evaluation aims at analysing: the challenges and the intervention strategies of the selected Operational Programmes; the number of participants and beneficiaries; the effectiveness of interventions; the Community added value and other issues.The information collected at the country level will be then used to prepare an horizontal analysis of the case studiesin order to go beyond thespecific national perspective. Finally, the evaluation drew conclusions and identified lessons for the future active labour market policies (ALMP) in all Member States.The synthesis of this study, together with that of the other thematic evaluations covering investment in human capital and social inclusion, was used to draw up a final report on the ESF ex post evaluation  as foreseen by EC Regulations.

Activties carried on within the project:

- Reporting;

- Desk and field analysis (interviews with Managing Authorities; focus groups, etc.);

- Quantitative analysis of micro-data.