European Defence Challenge 5th edition

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini continues to support the European Defence Challenge (EDC), initially created as part of the Alliance for strategic skills addressing emerging technologies in defence (ASSETs+) project.

The open competition seeks to attract young talent to the defence industry, and to encourage them to start careers in defence-related technologies, providing a platform for European students to engage with current issues in the defence sector by proposing innovative solutions.

Now in its fifth edition, the topic of the 2024 challenge is Towards a safer tomorrow: multidisciplinary approaches to landmine clearance and security enhancement.

This year's edition will be hosted by the Belgian Royal Military Academy, and the launch event will be streamed live on YouTube on 30 April 2024; it will feature notable speakers including Ludivine Dedonder, Belgian Minister of Defence, as well as company experts and the winner of the 2023 challenge.

To date, students from 24 countries and 126 different institutions have participated in the four previous editions of the EDC, reflecting the broad reach and impact of the initiative.

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