The future of skills: new ETF study on the energy sector in Tunisia

The new study The future of skills: case study of the energy sector in Tunisia published by the European Training Foundation (ETF) is one of the sector studies conducted by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and Erre Quadro for ETF.

The study on the energy sector in Tunisia is focused on the changing skills needs and occupations driven by technological innovation. It also provides information on how companies adapt to technological change and acquire the associated skills. As such, it gives an indication of how the supply of skills is keeping pace with technological advances in the energy sector. Ultimately, the  study  raises awareness of the changing skills demand, identifies pointers of change and stimulates a discussion among policymakers and practitioners in the field. The findings of the study can be further exploited and used to adapt education and training provision.

The report was drafted by Riccardo Apreda, Riccardo Campolmi, FGB researchers Liga Baltina, Chiara Fratalia and Terence Hogarth, with inputs from national expert Ayoub Baba.

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