Mutual learning, FGB at the lead of a European consortium

FGB has been awarded a framework contract for the organisation of peer learning activities in the next four years, as leader of a consortium comprising Greatvisory, a research and consulting company based in Poland, and Bantani Education, a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, working to drive entrepreneurial and creative lifelong learning.

The consortium led by FGB will support the European Training Foundation (ETF) in the organisation and management of face-to-face, online and hybrid meetings.

The provision of services will include the organisation of peer visits, study tours, training programmes, hackathons, augmented reality and VR activities and innovative exhibition stands, including their methodological and organisational aspects. Peer learning activities will support the core objectives of ETF by providing opportunities for collaboration, sharing of practices, methods and instruments, as well as for the promotion, management and animation of networking and for reinforcing national efforts in the promotion of sustainable reforms of education and training systems.

In this new assignment, FGB reaffirms its increasingly crucial role in the provision of mutual learning services in the EU, a relatively recent business area for our organisation, whose relevance is constantly growing.