Upskilling pathways, first results from Italy and France

As part of the service contract with the European Centre for the Development of Vocation Training (Cedefop), the preliminary outcomes of two thematic country reviews on upskilling pathways for low-skilled adults in Italy and France are now available. The conduction of both reviews was led by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, in close collaboration with the Italian National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies (INAPP) and the the Centre d’études et de recherches sur les qualifications (CEREQ).

These reports mark the completion of the first phase of an in-depth review aimed at enhancing upskilling strategies for low-skilled adults, and represent a significant step forward towards a better understanding and improvement of upskilling pathways across EU member states. Their publication also highlights the importance of collaboration among key national stakeholders and provides valuable insights for other countries aiming to enhance their upskilling initiatives.

The thematic country review for Italy has gathered insights from both the beneficiaries of upskilling initiatives and the professionals responsible for their implementation. The focus areas include outreach, guidance, tailored learning solutions, and governance, emphasising a holistic approach to improving upskilling pathways. This work supports the development of systematic, coordinated and coherent strategies, aligning with the broader objectives of the EU to upskill low-skilled adults.

Similarly, the thematic review for France delves into the effectiveness of outreach and guidance programmes for low-skilled adults, with a particular emphasis on governance and the provision of both financial and non-financial support. By capturing the perspectives of both the people who benefit from these programmes and those who run them, the review provides a comprehensive overview of the efforts of France to facilitate upskilling pathways.

Read the country review on Italy

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