GILL, designing a gender methodology for innovation

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini is partner of a new project titled Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL) and funded by the European Union for three years, within the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme.

Coordinated by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), the largest network of living labs in Europe, the project will develop a 'pan-European' learning and collaboration centre based on the living lab principles, with the aim to design a gender methodology for smart innovation and for entrepreneurship in the fields of health and resilience, green and digital transition.

The project will adopt an iterative co-creation approach structured in a cycle of four phases, aimed respectively at understanding, co-designing, implementing, evaluating a series of practices. The project will involve fifteen action-oriented trials in eight European countries, including Italy, to develop new gender approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, and test them within open and real ecosystems.

The project will produce proven methodologies, services and tools that will be made available on an open and user-friendly platform. In continuity with the nature of living labs, the GILL project involves citizens, policymakers, industry and academia.

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