Mobility for all: gender and transport in policy making

Next 9 March 2023 at 15.00 CET in Brussels, at the European Parliament (Room 1G2), Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini will present the study Mobility for all. How to better integrate the gender perspective into transport policy making, drafted by FGB Social Justice Unit experts, Roberta Paoletti and Silvia Sansonetti, who will explain the main results of the research.

"A sustainable approach to transport mobility requires reducing the environmental impact and guaranteeing high-quality accessible and affordable transports for all" authors of the study state. "To achieve this goal, the needs of different social groups have to be taken into account when transport policies are planned, implemented and evaluated. Gender is one of the most important characteristic to explain people’s mobility choices: therefore, a gender-sensitive approach to transport policy is necessary to properly achieve sustainability in transports" they wrote.

Although the European Union has been involved in transport policies since its foundation, only in 2009 a gender perspective was introduced in this area with the Communication A sustainable future for transport: Towards an integrated, technology-led and user-friendly system’ (COM279 of 17 June 2009). Thereafter, the EU institutions started to focus on research and policy development in two areas: women’s employment in the transport sector of the labour market and women as transport users.

The study includes a guidance for policymakers on how to include the gender equality perspective in transports, and was commissioned and funded by the European Parliament political group 'The Left'.

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