A card deck for peer learning activities in Central Asia

FGB is pleased to announce the award of its first assignment in Central Asia on behalf of the European Training Foundation (ETF). The project is aimed at spreading the use of the Scaffold card deck in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Scaffold is a deck of 102 cards, created to assist educators in designing, developing and implementing learning activities, making European competence frameworks more accessible and practically useful for teachers and educators across various fields. It was recently developed by ETF to support the design and delivery of learning activities.

The project will support the design, implementation and facilitation of on-line and face-to-face peer learning activities to promote the understanding and application of the key competences and EU-related frameworks for educators in Central Asia. The official launch took place through an online meeting on 6 February 2024. Its implementation will start soon, led by Bantani Education and Greatvisory, partners of FGB in this project.

The assignment will run within the framework of the ETF initiative Dialogue and Action for Resourceful Youth in Central Asia (DARYA), the EU's first regional project focused on empowering youth in Central Asia through skills' development in the labour market.

This is the first assignment awarded to the consortium led by FGB within the framework contract for the organisation of peer learning activities on behalf of the European Training Foundation.

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